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Sia, professional makeup artist and founder of GlamHer Studios, has a lengthy tenure in the beauty industry! A native New Yorker and style/beauty phenomenon, she has always been the go to for style and beauty tips. Since her youth, she's been well known to finesse great taste in all things eye catching. This followed her into her adult years where she made a lifestyle and career of it. Sia has worked extensively with well known cosmetic brands and have worked many areas of the industry. Shortly after starting her makeup career, she enrolled in school for Esthetics to gain her license as an Esthetician. Her love for healthy skin, along with the knowledge she gained related to it, inspired her to integrate it into her artistry. Mission accomplished! Upon graduating and becoming licensed, Sia continued on with her career in makeup as a tenured artist for MAC cosmetics. After many years with the company, she made a conscious decision to shift her focus and direction. Sia's motto became, "It's time to capitalize off of my own talents." In 2018, she became a full time Entrepreneur. This decision sparked what's now known as Glamher Studios.

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